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Dawn and Night, by DickseeApparently, this is becoming a monthly thing – I wonder who’ll take up the torch next month? So! A. Venefica over at Symbolic Meanings is the lead on this month’s synchroblog, and the topic is DUALITY. Here’s what she’s saying about it:

What do I mean by duality? What are the mythological, spiritual, or symbolic implications posed by duality? For example:

  • Good – Evil
  • Conscious – Unconscious
  • Night – Day
  • Male – Female
  • Light – Dark
  • Sun – Moon
  • Up – Down
  • Earth – Sky
  • Black – White
  • Hot – Cold

The possibilities are endless, as the concept of duality weaves itself infinitely throughout our specialized fields of knowledge (in our community’s case: myth, lore, spirituality, dreams, psyche, and uncommon esoteric genre).

So, to all interested & participating bloggers, let your creative writing juices flow into the possibilities of the concept of duality within your chosen niche. Deadline for this post is May 1, 2008.

Check out my post on The Dual to see a list of other participants.And, in case you are interested, we’ve already synchroblogged on Landscapes and Motherhood.


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  1. Greetings! Here is my contribution on the topic! These are most enjoyable and fun. Also this has been a great learning experience on the multiple ideas of topics.

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