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  • Midas’s Golden Dilemma

    Midas’s Golden Dilemma

    The Golden Touch: Midas and His Kingdom So, there was once this guy named Midas. King Midas. Sounds fancy, right? Well, hold your horses—or chariots because Midas's story is one of those "be careful what you wish for" classics that never gets old. Imagine having the power to turn everything you touch into gold. Dream…

  • Modern Greek Tales: Cautionary Retellings

    Modern Greek Tales: Cautionary Retellings

    Ever wonder what a weekend party at Dionysus's place might look like today? Picture this: instead of an ancient Greek amphitheater, we're at the hottest downtown club where the DJ spins entrancing beats akin to the lyre of Orpheus, pulling everyone to the dance floor in a magical rapture. Yes, Dionysus would've totally dug the…

  • Lovers’ Legends Unbound: A Book Review

    The author kindly shared a copy of this book (with accompanying CD performing a retelling of the myths included) with me for my review. It has taken a long time for me to find the appropriate space to do so. In short, it is a book that retells the Greek myths that involve love between…