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  • Oracle of Delphi

    Oracle of Delphi

    Historical Context and Significance Nestled among the cypress trees and olive groves, the sanctuary of Delphi was the go-to spot for seekers of divine wisdom. Apollo had claimed it after slaying Python, the formidable serpent-son of Gaia. In the early days, before Apollo left his mark, Delphi was known as Pytho. The transformation from Pytho…

  • Ancient Greek Customs Today

    Ancient Greek Customs Today

    Language Legacy The Greek language, an ancient fountain of global expressions, maintains a remarkable influence on various tongues and fields like science, philosophy, and literature. For instance, terms such as "astronomy," "democracy," and "philosophy" all originate from Ancient Greek. Let's explore how this classical language shapes our modern vocabulary. In the scientific realm, Greek prefixes…

  • Greek Myths in Pop Culture

    Greek Myths in Pop Culture

    Historical Roots of Greek Myths in Media Greek mythology isn't just about gods clashing with titans or heroes slaying monsters. These tales were the original fan-favorite stories that shaped early entertainment. They transitioned seamlessly from oral recitations at communal gatherings in ancient times to structured performances in Greek theatres. In the 5th century BCE, playwrights…