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  • Alectrona Greek Sun Goddess

    Alectrona Greek Sun Goddess

    Identity and Origins Picture this: you’re chilling on the mythical island of Rhodes, the sun blissfully bidding you a good morning. Well, you probably have Alectrona to thank for that. Given her parentage—Helios, literally the titan sun god, and Rhode, that lovely sea nymph—we’re not really surprised why she’s all about that sunlight. So, what’s…

  • Zeus’ Brutal Acts

    Zeus’ Brutal Acts

    1. Devouring Metis When Zeus encountered a vexing prophecy that his next child with Titaness Metis might usurp his divine throne, he resorted to an unusual solution—turning Metis into a fly and swallowing her whole. However, Metis was already pregnant, and this unconventional approach to problem-solving led to Zeus experiencing the headache of a lifetime.…