What’s in a name?


Three MusesSo, in case it wasn’t terribly obvious, the whole “Sing, Goddess” thing comes from the first phrase found in so many ancient Greek hymns and even epic poems (like the Iliad). The idea is that the Muse/Goddess would be relating the story that follows.

But the thing is, I’m not sure that it’s really doing the trick in terms of telling people what I do here, so I’m experimenting. As I write this, I’m trying on “Blog of the Ancient Goddess” for size (the name “Paleothea” more or less meaning “ancient goddess”), but I am TOTALLY OPEN to other ideas.

I beg you, dear reader, what do YOU think this blog should be named?

ETA: Although I am totally tempted to go with “Goddess Panties,” I’m currently trying out Paleothea: the Ancient Goddess. Still open to suggestion, though!


2 responses to “What’s in a name?”

  1. To build traffic? “Goddess Panties” would be a winner. Works for me. In fact, even having the word “panties” in your comments will boost your hit count. Hence: panties, panties, panties. You’re welcome.

    I like Paleothea.

  2. Louanne Avatar


    I really like the name ‘Blog of the Ancient Goddess’. I have to agree with Dan that anything with panties will draw traffic, but will it be the kind of traffic you want? Some would say all traffic is good traffic. Keep up the great Goddess work!

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