Ode to Ormand, part 1


As it turns out, I DID get a copy of Kirk Ormand’s Controlling Desires not for Thesmophoria but just in time for Christmas. That worked out well, because I got to read it all during our Winter Break. Except that I was so totally burnt out from last semester, that I actually mostly just hid in bed and read fantasy. Now that the semester has begun again, I’m slowly being forced out of my shell again, and Controlling Desires is a new and exciting part of my life (that, of course, I no longer actually have time to read – but procrastination from real reading is a powerful thing, so I expect it will go fast now).

Ormand leads with background on gender and sexuality and how we think about such things. Although he totally ties it to specifically Classical things, in retrospect I realize that it is lessons like this that led me to go for my PhD in anthropology. But enough about me, here’s the gist of that point:

We think about sex(uality) in fundamentally different ways than the ancient Greek and Romans did.

In another post – which WILL happen eventually, fear not – I will talk more about it.

In my imagination, I will also be posting about 1) Monsters! Yay! and 2) Hera and Medea! Oooooh!


2 responses to “Ode to Ormand, part 1”

  1. I need to read that book.

    P.S. I really miss Kirk.

  2. Yeah, um, it’s amazing. And such a light read, too! I mean, this is the sort of book you could give your mother (if your mother is the sort who feels comfortable talking about sexual penetration).

    So good … I wish I had more time to read, though.

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