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Which Monster in Greek Myths Are You?So, there’s a brand new quiz to take. I admit, it’s all female monsters, but then, this is a site for women in Greek myths …

I would love feedback on the quizzes. Do you like them? Do you want more? What would you change? Which one do you like best and why?

Go take it!

P.S. I’m the Sphinx!


4 responses to “New Quiz”

  1. thanks a lot for the information u have provided in ur web page ..
    the greek myth n mythology is facinating and above all interesting information for my project works…….
    thank u

  2. Aamira, I’m glad you are enjoying the site. If you are planning on using the information you found here for a formal assignment, make sure you check out the FAQ & Disclaimers page.

  3. I’m the Sphinx, too. Fun quizzes!

  4. I got Sphinx as my answer, then asked my friends to take the quiz. Most of them got Sphinx too. But then a teacher saw us(we were at school then) and gave us math problems to solve. (i’m not trying 2 say ur website kills time or anything, by the way)

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