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Salmacis and Hermaphroditos, by NavezYay! My new Gallery is up! I’m not sure how many images were in the last one but it was really tough for me to add new ones because of the funky code (did I mention that I don’t use programs to code the website? I don’t. Barring this whole blog thingie, of course). But now the CSS gods have smiled on me and the whole thing seems to be working out well. Also I finally added Salmacis to the Nymphs page.

So, go check out the 529+ images that are now there, and if you see any mistakes (I’m sure there are plenty I have missed), please let me know!

Here’s a teaser. My favorite image (for today, anyway) is a painting of the Goddess of the Hunt and one of her dogs. Who is the artist? There will be a prize to the first correct commenter.


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