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You are Queen Metaneira. She was suprisingly normal for a character of Greek mythology. She was a good queen and loving mother. She was kind, and had a pretty normal life, until an act of god brought tragedy. Actually it was an act of goddess. She tried to stand down the goddess, but couldn’t save her child, but she did live to tell about it.
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4 responses to “My Own Quiz …”

  1. O.K., I answered the questions and came out as Niobe, which is probably right. Saying something stupid is a pretty common trademark for me, so I think it was an appropriate result! I wasn’t familiar with her story so I learned something new on top of it.

  2. Queen Hypsipele.
    Err..I don’t thik I rememberes the spelling correctly.
    Anyway, I’ve never heard of her, which I suppose is unsurprising, given my general lack in Greek History.

    Terri in Joburg

  3. Mark, Yay! I win. The purpose of creating those quizzes (other than pure propaganda, of course) is to get people learning about some of the characters they aren’t already familiar with.

    Terri, I barely remember Hypsipyle myself, but thought she was interesting enough to include in the quiz. It’s a lot more interesting to many of us to focus on the deities, but some of the mortal women have fascinating stories, too. I feel like I need to devote more attention to them.

  4. Myths are enduring facets of human nature because they allow cultures to bring order to chaos and to understand human behavior and the mysterious workings of the universe. Despite the presence of scientific and psychological explorations that define the Modern world, myths continue to shape our culture and literary art.

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