My new pretty picture!


I’ve been playing around with favicons recently – you know, those little things that pop up in the left corner of your browser’s address line – and I’m a little excited to finally have found something I kinda dig. It’s sort of a “P” (as in paleo) with sort of a “t” (as in thea) in the same line, but sort of suggesting the symbol for women as well without beating you over the head with it. I hope. It’s mostly for me, but feel free to tell me how neato it is, too.

The icon is made thanks to Steve Cooley Presents, by the way, in case you also have a Mac and want to (oh-so-easily) make your own such thing.

I was gonna write a better entry than this, but again with the family and the craziness. I’ll be back with the normal in about a week.


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