Monster Sychroblog!


This is a repost from Mahud’s Between Old and New Moons.

Medusa, by Lucien Levy-DhurmerThe Topic for the Mythology Synchroblog is Mythical Monsters and Otherworldly Entities.

The Mythology Synchroblog is open to anyone who has an interest in mythology and/or Paganism. So, Pagans, if you wish to draw upon your own experiences if you have ever encountered such beings, that fine. Personally, I’ll be coming from a purely mythological stand point.

It would be a great help if would leave a comment, letting us know you would like to participate. Thanks!

Deadline 1st December

Please post your contributions on the 1st December and include a list of everyone’s posts somewhere in your entry.

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5 responses to “Monster Sychroblog!”

  1. Behold! I have complied with your meme!

  2. Wonderful! thanks for joining in on the the fun!

    Should generate some wonderfully diverse posts this time round, I think 🙂

  3. I’d love to participate … I’ll give it some thought. Deadline’s not til December 1, hm? That’s good …

  4. Monsters sounds right up my alley. Count me in. I’ll get to the meme soon.

  5. I love it and will do my part! =)

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