Jump around!


I’m doing a bunch of projects on sexuality and adolescence in school and I happened to come across this gem: a girl insisting that if you “jump up and down a lot, the stuff will fall out of you and you won’t get pregnant.” Now, it so happens that I have heard plenty of similar things during my few years as a sex educator, so it doesn’t surprise me, but it is SO close to Galen’s idea that I mentioned in my post on ancient Greek sexual health that I couldn’t help but be a little excited.

And, just in case you, too, are tempted by this logic, allow me to correct you. Jumping does not prevent pregnancy, douching does not prevent pregnancy (and may actually increase your risks), having sex during your period does not prevent pregnancy, and withdrawal does not prevent pregnancy (although that last one does at least decrease your chances some).

You must know how I love putting pictures with my posts, but I have no image of a teen jumping around trying to eject semen and I would probably risk prosecution if I did. Oh well.


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  1. vilaunkie Avatar

    I’ve come across some books on Amazon that I just have to share with you! I need to get back on the site and copy the list so I can get back to you on it. Mostly some reads on sexuality and women in Greek myths and other mythologies.

    By the way, the “vila” part of my name comes from an ancient Slavic forest goddess turned into a nymph-like creature over time.

  2. Better yet, you should join Goodreads (see the post below) and share with me that way. 🙂

  3. vilajunkie Avatar

    How do I add you to my friends list? Do I need an invite? My name at the bottom is my goodreads username.

  4. I have attempted to friend you, tho under my real name. Hooray for Pratchett-love.

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