Defiantly Procrastinating


Hi. This is not the Monster Syncroblog post promised. Nope. In my imagination, I will get it done. Obviously, I have already missed the deadline. However, I have another deadline. Actually, 5 deadlines. All for major real world projects. I will spend every waking moment working on these projects until December 12. Then I will return here and start up with some more good stuff, especially some monsters and some feminist interpretations of myths.

In the meantime, go read some of the awesome people on my blogroll. Mahud put up his post for the syncroblog, for example (and links to the other responsible people). And J. Harker, my old pal, wrote a neato review of a book.

What else … oh! Does anyone want to buy me Kirk Ormand’s Controlling Desires for Thesmophoria? It has actually been published (earlier than expected!) but is slightly outside of my price range (which ranges all the way up to about $3.39). An equally awesome present would be to convince the University of Arizona to buy it so that I can borrow it.


4 responses to “Defiantly Procrastinating”

  1. I can’t bring you the book, mas I would love the other one she post, “The Forgotten Legion”.

  2. I don’t feel so bad missing the deadline! I’ll get mine up soon. So many monsters to choose from…

  3. Hey no worries. You seem pretty busy at the moment with other commitments and deadlines.

    And Bubo, it you get the chance to join in that would be great but no pressure 😉

  4. Well if it’s any consolation mine never got done either. In fact, what I wrote turned out to be my latest blog. I hope you’ll visit it.


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