Bubo’s Blog on Fertility and Childbirth

Bubo's Blogthis is just to signal boost the awesome that is Bubo’s Blog:

Hippos and Pregnant Women (Egyptian)

 The Legend of the Stork (German)

 Torches and Childbirth (Greek)

It Just Must Not Be That Important (Norse)

When in Rome, Give Birth (Roman, duh)

Pregnant Rocks (Australian)

Childbirth and Owls (Zuni, Saxon, Welsh, Swahili, Babylon, French, German, Malay, Morrocan, Roman, Illinois)

* I’ll edit this to include any new ones in the series because, omg, so awesome!


One response to “Bubo’s Blog on Fertility and Childbirth”

  1. Wow! Thanks, Alia. I figure I’m doing something right to get praise from you (I am in an I’m-not-worthy pose as I type this response). You are by far my favorite blog writer and I am so glad that you are back to posting (I’ve got some reading to catch up on).

    Close to when we first learned of the stork’s arrival, I wrote this one on Egyptian Hippos and Pregnant Women. It’s not as sexist as it sounds…

    Thanks again!

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