On being a virgin

We are talking about Athena, Artemis, and Hestia here, folks: the Three Virgin Goddesses. At the risk of presenting a depressingly simplistic argument, I’m gonna do my best to give you a starting point for thinking about these things. Remember, now, that ancient Greece was a pretty patriarchal collection of cultures.Artemis, by Howard David Johnson

So the thing these ladies had in common was that they weren’t interested in having sex with men – but beyond that they were quite different. Athena was kinda butchy with her interest in war and adventure. The perfect daughter (at least for a patriarch) she owed all of her allegiance to Daddy and that would never change because no husband – or even a mama, in her case – would compete for her attention. As a virgin, she represented an ideal of daughter-hood.

Artemis, on the other hand, was super hot. Tomboy? Sure, but in a sexy sort of way. She ran around in her short little skirt hunting deer, she bathed naked in woodland streams and ponds, she was the sort of untouchable beauty you might “flay the flayed dog” to late at night. But just as virginal daughters were supposed to be attractive but off limits until the deal was sealed with a wedding, so too was Artemis off limits. This stage – tight-bodied virginal beauty – is perfectly represented by the goddess.

And finally, Hestia. Dear Hestia. She was a virgin, but only because the alternative seemed so darn complicated. She represents the perfect homemaker. The problem with women is that once they’re sexually active, you can’t tell WHO they’ve slept with. Also, who knows whether a mother’s allegiance will be to her children or her husband (dangerous for a patriarch – see Rhea). And what about her familial obligations to her father? Hestia circumvents all of these issues. She is literally the hearth, the center of the home, and her virginity is an example of the problematic role that women played in such a patriarchal culture.


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  2. dontflunkme Avatar

    hey, in the “artemis, goddess of the hunt” section, u have a sub-title calles artemis’ bad side. in the last sentence u use “his” it should be “her.” awesome pick 😉

    As a matter of fact, I was talking about Actaeon’s hounds, so I really did mean ‘his” – but thanks for looking out for me!

  3. That was awsolme and I’m sure My teacher will Love my paper now that I actually have some more information about the Virgin Goddesses.

  4. Janella Avatar

    cool….but i need information about the gods that are important to the spartans…

    do u know anything about that??


  5. artemis fan Avatar
    artemis fan

    luv da boobies and virginia dont cover em up

  6. ishouldntcarebut... Avatar

    cmon guys be more mature. if your gonna post somthing like “cover up body parts” then dont post. same goes for you artemis fan. go satisfy yourself elseware…this is mythology not porn

  7. sexy lez Avatar
    sexy lez

    hey show more tits & viginas. cmon we want more porn to make mythology more fun!!

  8. You people are perves! the human body is an art form, not something to get all pervy about! You obviously have no sence in art or history! I’m fricken 15 and i have more respect for history and art than you people do!

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  12. Joe Bob Avatar

    I have seen worse stuff than the picture in skool (im twelve). Im being Athena in a play (I wrote) and im trying to learn about her… lol I have to make aeigis!

  13. babyface Avatar

    i like the detail but i would like a little more substance reading wise in your hestia

  14. Allison Avatar

    This was a awsome review and got what i need for information on Athena (My favorite Goddess among the greek goddess). Thanxz

  15. Atremis roks and so does Athena but does anyone really care about Hestia? I’m doing a report on Athena so this is great info. Ps Stop posting crud about the human body

  16. what the hell are you doing cover your boobs or delete this damn picture theres childern that looked on this sight.

  17. OMG really! I am twelve and I aint freakin out dat Artemis’s boobs showin! Like 4 real I’ve seen worse in my science book! Wow u guys are freakin idiots. u should try goin and lookin in a jr. high school book.

    BTW awesome info. Thanx for all da info on Athena. She rocks!

  18. awesome Avatar

    cmon u people pervs gosh she is a greek godess and that was long long long ago so thats how they looked.

  19. stop freaking out about the body parts they did cover up everything on greek godesses

  20. I never knew some of this stuff, thanks~ I write stories and this is awesome for my Greek Mythology for my teacher :3

  21. Clare Avatar

    This is all great info:) I especially love all the opinion mixed into what is actually fact because it really helps me understand what your saying sometimes. I’m so glad that I have this site cause- I know it’s kinda odd but- some of the stuff you say about guys being idiots really helps and showed me that women are awesome!! And that it’s ok to be strong and indepent:) even when thngs are… Different like they are here when these women chose beyond everything that they love being single and different:) so thank you

    and honestly it’s the painters’ faults that these women are barely clothed cause in the-I’m assuming- renosaunce period womens bodies were beautiful because they had a little chub and what you see is the glorification of women for their-eh- nautural beauty.

    And whoever said that ya see worse in textbooks is right especially if you’ve ever taken health; cause there is no beauty there just cold visuals.

  22. *you dont need to know* Avatar
    *you dont need to know*

    the human body is something god created. it’s beautiful and a work of art. if your going to jack off to this picture, not only do you get horny really easily but your also a freak. stop posting comments like those to make younger kids feel the need to start to look at porn you pervs. back in the the acient roman times women didnt wear much clothing and that was how it was. thinnk about it. we dont wear too much more now.

  23. Thank you for posting this. My education in mythology was from sources that tried to “play it safe” by never discussing the politics of gender (or anything else someone might find offensive). Looking at this material in a new light is fascinating. But it is disturbing how much the human body causes modern people to freak out. The ancient Greeks had depictions of nudity all over their art, yet today a half-naked woman evokes either crude (and chauvinistically privileged) ogling or shrilly prudish condemnation. For all our advances I fear we’ve lost something along the way…

  24. Guys Im in yr 7 and in our textbooks there is alot worse seriously -.- you guys are pervs its just a lady so chill.

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