1. What's the first thing people notice about you?

My power. Whatever you need, I can make it happen.
My sunny disposition.
That I'm happy to see them, and no, that's not a banana.
How ugly I am.
That I'm kicking their butt.
That I'm dripping on their shoes.
They don't. I'm stealthy like that.

2. How do you like your women?

Gimme a hottie who holds up in a fight.
It's all about the conversation.
An innocent I can teach my dark ways to.
Whoever will take me.
I'm an equal opportunity lover. There's just so many out there, how can you choose just one?

3. How do you get your women?

I take them, whether they like it or not.
I knock 'em around a little 'till they come around. Chicks like it rough.
I don't. Girls don't much go for me.
I'm always running after them.
Whatever or whoever I need to become, I'll do it.
Women are wooed by fancy aquatic pets.
I tell them what they want to hear.

4. Where are you in your element?

Just gimme the ocean. But I'll take a swimming pool if there's no beach nearby.
In the sun.
At night. I like the dead time.
Sitting in front of a crackling fire.
I'm a travelin' man.
In the rain.
In a fight.

5. What do you think about fate?

Prophesy is less about fate, and more about the way you word things.
I like to beat my own way through life.
Well, I think I'm generally in charge, but every once in a while, things are beyond my control.
Fate is as fate does. I'm still who I am, and I'll still do what I do.
I like fate.
What's to believe? I have my own personal psychic.
Fate's a fickle creature - she's sure played some odd games with my life.

6. What would you do in a fight?

Shoot them.
Cause an earthquake that would swallow my opponents.
Probably get thrown off a mountain and break my legs.
Talk my way out of it.
Call in back-up. I am well-connected.
Kick their butts with my bear hands. Or feet. Whatever.
Death is really the only option.

7. What would be your dream job?

Maybe a traveling salesperson. Or a magician. Or a mailman. I don't know, I guess I just like to talk to people.
CEO of a major corporation.
A soldier.
A musician or a doctor.
An artisan.
An undertaker.
A fisherman, or a rancher. Possibly a seismographer. Maybe just a surfer.

8. People like to have you around...

when they're fishing or swimming or chillin' at the beach. Or horseback riding.
at a concert.
in a fight.
when they want pretty things. Like expensive jewelry.
on roadtrips.

9. Pet of choice?

Horse. Or dolphin.
Rock. Or roadkill.
Cow or turtle.

10. As a little kid, you could often be found...

...mediating fights between mom and dad.
...stealing my brother's stuff and lying about it.
...getting my stuff stolen by my little brother, and then having him lie to our dad about it.
...getting in fights.
...playing with dead things.
...learning how to take over everything from my father.

11. You got any morals?

Definitely. And I'll fight to back 'em up.
Why should I? Everyone dies in the end.
I'd say I'm a pretty moral person.
As much as the next guy. I'm not perfect, but I'm not terrible either.
Define morals.
Sure. 'Course, not everyone thinks sleeping around on my wife is so moral, but what can you do?
Of course! And I'll do anything for the people I love.

(If more than one window opens, there was a tie.)

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