Which Greek Goddess Are You?


1. Are you a night owl or are you more a "fun in the sun" type of chick?

I'm absolutely in love with the night sky.
Day's good because I can make sure everything's under control, but nights are fine as long as I know where my man is.
I like evening the best. Oh! Especially in front of a nice warm fire.
Well, darkness can be seductive - but I actually prefer the day so I can be with more people.
There's nothing like the sun shining through the trees.
However I can get my work done.

2. How do you feel about your gender?

I enjoy being a girl. Not woman. Girl. Grrl, if you prefer.
Being a woman's cool, you've got all this power.
Motherhood is everything.
Being a woman can be hassle, but my life is pretty good and I wouldn't change it.
I barely notice it.
Women are sexy.

3. Where are you in your element?

Wherever my significant other is.
Walking through the forest. Or running.
Whenever I'm with you, baby.
Getting things done.
At home.
Anywhere outside.

4. When you're with your friends, who decides what to do?

I spend all my energy on my kids.
Me. I always know what's going on.
I kinda dig just chillin' in my house.
Whichever of us decides to something cool. And fun. And hot!
Me. I'm more of a loner, actually.
Always me.

5. So are you "with" anyone?

Yes. One partner and one alone.
Nope. I don't like men. I don't like women either. I like me.
No, I am fulfilled without a significant other, thank you.
I have kids.
Old Maid me.
Hell yeah! I'm "with" a lot of people. Heh heh.

6. If you had a billion dollars what would you do all day?

Work. I like my work. Or help other people.
Spend time with my kids.
Get every good-lookin' girl and guy in the club on my arm.
Chill in my house. And help others.
Be rich and powerful - what else?
Hike. Or get in good shape.

7. What would be your dream job?

Being a mother.
Being a wife.
Walking outside all day. And coming home to lovely women who pamper me.
Teaching. One way or another.
Having sex. Or being in love.
Chillin' in my house.

8. Sport of choice?

Wrestling. Boxing. Martial Arts. Fencing.
I don't play. I coach. Or I own the team.
Bed-sport. Or swimming (you should see me ina bikini!)

9. If you were an animal (or bird) what would you be?

Owl or snake.
Anything. I love them all.
Deer or hawk.
Dove or goat.
Peacock or cow.
Calf or phoenix.

10. Fashion sense?

Anything that looks good on me. And I DO do lingirie.
What's comfortable.
I made my own style.
Good for exercising.
I dress for success. There's power in presentation.
I'm a mom. My kids take my clothes and make fun of what I wear.

11. What's your cause?

Big fan of animals. And of taking care of children.
I do what I can to make the people around me happier.
I prefer peace, but if a war is necessary for a just cause, then I'll support that.
The Earth.

(If more than one window opens, there was a tie.)

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