Which Monster of Greek Myth Are You?

Sirens, by Johnson 1. Are you cute?
Looks don't matter much to me
I was once beautiful.
Dangerous beauty, that's me!

2. Are you immortal?
I feel pretty immortal, but I still eat and reproduce like the next guy.
Well, I'm not exactly deathless, but I'm not worried about old age, either.
What's life? My life is an eternal punishment.
My friend, you shouldn't be worrying about MY death at the moment.

Sphinx, by Moreau 3. So what risk do you pose to the general population?
It's not my fault people find certain genetic qualities of mine threatening.
It's just that the general population can be so tasty ...
All I'm saying is that the general population should keep out of my personal space.

4. How did you enter your career?
Do I really look like I could do anything else?
I followed my heart. Then I got screwed.

5. What do you dig about Greek myths?
The creative creatures!
The tragedy.
How characters change.
All I know is that Odysseus was the man.

Harpy, by Eriksson 6. Which "superpower" would you rather have?
Super intelligence.
Freeze people.
The power to compel other people.

7. How do you feel about family?
Big families, please (even though there are lots of mouths to feed).
I love my chosen family fiercely.
My focus is more on meeting new people.

8. Element you most closely identify with?

Medusa, by Francot 9. Which of these things is most important to you?
Good food, good life.
Being unique.
My family.
Nothing matters. Maybe survival. Maybe.
Doing my job well.

10. Are you a freak?
Oh yeah. I think it's genetic.
I don't think so.

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Last Updated December 27, 2007