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I'm writing a paper and I'd really like to cite you ... but, um, what's your name?
My name is Ailia Athena, just like it says on the homepage. Okay, fine, it's not my legal name, but you don't actually NEED my legal name. In fact, my legal name wouldn't even be useful to you. You need the name I am published under, you need my nomme de plume. You wouldn't say Huck Finn by Samuel Langhorn Clemmens, would you? Of course not, you'd write Mark Twain! Or in my case, Ailia Athena. Thank you.
I'm writing a paper and I'd really like to cite you ... but, um, when was this site/page last updated?
Really, I doubt that the people asking this are going to bother looking for this, but: IT'S AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PAGE!!!
Wow, I really love that piece in the Gallery, are you selling?
Nope! But usually someone is. If it's not a Classical piece (and even sometimes when it is), I give a link to my source and that's where you should usually go to inquire about a purchase. I also recommend such sites as The Art Renewal Center for Classical pieces.
Can I reproduce the text, information and/or images I found here on on my own website?
The pictures aren't mine so, short answer: no (read more on that under the Disclaimers below). The text? Sure! But for all kinds of reasons, please link back to this site when you do. And credit me.
Who are you? Why did you make this site?
I actually already wrote a bit on this. You can find it here.
I can't find ____ on your site.
Really? Are you SURE? Have you checked in the Index? Maybe I spell their name differently ... Have you searched the site? Chances are if they're famous, they're there. But, if after trying those steps you STILL can't find her, then you really should email me.


On the text: I have done research. I have read original and secondary sources (you can find a bunch of them in the References and Links). But I am not perfect. I have been making this site since I was 13 and some of my sources have disappeared. I am trying to rid the site of misinformation, but it still lurks. You know what they say, "Stercus accidit" and "Caveat lector". (I SO don't speak or read Latin - I'm a Greekie through and through - but I have no idea about any similar expressions in ancient Greek so deal with it).

On the pictures: They aren't mine. I didn't paint them, I do not own them. For some, I do not even have permission to be using them - I am trying to remedy that, but it takes a lot of time and energy and no one cares except the artists (and I guess me) who don't usually know anyway. That is not to say I think this is okay, but there are a lot of images that are floating around randomly on the net apparently for free use and I believe in using what's available. I do NOT use the images of people who have denied me permission. If you own a piece and I have it and you want me to take it off, PLEASE let me know. If you own a piece and I have it and you do not want me to take it off, PLEASE still let me know so I can tell everyone else about how cool you are. If you want permission to use any piece, you need to hunt down the original owner. In all cases where I know, I list that information.

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