Dido Dies
WARNING: This is a Roman Myth

Dido (Elissa) is a princess in some sort, and her husband was killed by her brother! (Meanie!) And his ghost came to Dido's dream and told her what happened... so she escapes with some followers to a new land... that they name CARTHAGE! (Bump bada ba) So now she is Queen Dido of this country... When Aeneas comes along... With his (and it says this in the original version... I don't know what the others say) father... and son... Because he lost his wife.. (I know I know... LOST? When they were in the Trojan war they were leaving and she got lost in the woods, and when he looked back he didn't see her... and she was killed)
Ah yes... forgot to mention...Aeneas... son of Aphrodite and the mortal Anchises so he's very beautiful
And when Aeneas arrives in Carthage he is welcomed by Dido. However it seems Aeneas' son is Cupid (Eros) in disguise... And when she picks him up (because he is a child) he breathes on her and she falls in love with Aeneas. (One of cupids powers, instead of arrows his breath does a similar thing with they breath it in..) Aeneas told Dido of his journeys and battles. And during a hunt Hera sent a great storm causing Aeneas and Dido to have "alone time" in a cave... And Dido considered this a "marriage". But Zeus' mortal son whom is a king is outraged because of this union because he wants Dido... AND Carthage. (Greedy greedy) And He prays to Zeus who sends Hermes to remind Aeneas of his actual mission. So he (Aeneas) runs to Italy so he can make a kingdom for his son... Leaving Dido... (AWW) Without telling her... Well that just made her a little mad so she found him on her own ship...And told him of how much trouble he called because now her allies (Zeus' son) are against her etc. But Aeneas doesn't care... So she returned... and she killed herself with Aeneas' sword. And Hera has Iris take her soul.

This story has been directly copied from an email I received from Caitlin Periou. I agree with her assertion that it is a story worth knowing, so, now that you've read it, go read the Aeneid (by Virgil).

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