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She was the personification and Goddess of Pain. How pleasant.

She was a daughter of Nyx and the personification of Woe.

Patron Goddess of Eyesight. Now, who'd a thunk it? But she wasn't really that specific - it was really just a surname of Athena in Sparta. This guy named Lycurgus dedicated a temple to Athena when one of his eyes was struck out by Alcander (this dude who was bitter about Lycurgus' laws). But they saved the eye and rededicated the temple to Athena Ophthalmitis.

Oreilochia was another name for Iphigenia - but wait, you are thinking, Iphigenia was HUMAN! Heh. Maybe so . . . but there's this story that say that Artemis didn't take her as a sacrifice, but spirited her away to the island of Leauce. There, these traditions say, she became immortal AND got eternal youth (becoming rather goddess-like, wouldn't you say?) and became Achilles' wife under the new name of Oreilochia.

The Goddess of Rumor, more like the personification of it. Her equivalent in Roman Mythology was Fama. She was also called a messenger of Zeus, and she had an altar in Athens. She was called the daughter of Elpis (or Hope).nAmazon

This chick was really mysterious. She is believed to be the mother of the Amazons by many, and their mother by Ares . . . but, it seems that she was probably Ares' daughter, as well - not to mention that no one has any guess as to her mother was. She was a real war-chick - not like Harmonia at all.n

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