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A Goddess of Corn.

Lampetia and her sister Phathusa were daughters of Helios. They were shepherdesses for him, and guarded his sacred cattle. Well, they did until Odysseus and his men came along and stole them. But then, they all died except Odysseus, so I'd say all's fair.

For someone in so many myths you'd think there'd be more about her! She was the daughter of the Titans Phoebe and Coeus, that makes her a sister of Asteria (the mother of Hecate - see above). She was the mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo. She was a Moon Goddess (not a big surprise, considering her parents and sibs. You definitely should read her story on the new stories page.

The woman Ino married a married man, Athamas. She tried to make Athamas sacrifice his son Phrixes (it didn't happen, but that was how Helle, Phrixes' sister ended up dying). Anyway, Hera killed Ino, but Zeus made Ino into the Sea Goddess, Leucothea, or White Goddess, because she had raised Dionysus. There is another Leucothea too. But she was turned into an incense plant after her father buried her alive for being Helios' lover. Clytia, that nasty nymph, betrayed her.n

A Goddess of Weaving who used flax.

The Litai
The Litai were the sisters of Ate. As you'll recall, Ate was evil. The goddess of temptation and all those yucky things. The Litai, who happened to be the personification of Prayers, followed Ate around and cleaned up after her. They tried to repair the damage she did to mortals.

A Goddess of the Underworld.

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