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Kakia was a seductress. She was a Goddess of Vice, and she attempted to seduce Heracles with promises of wealth and ease. Obviously, he didn't give in.

She was, according to some random dead bishop (!) named Eustathius who was writing about the Odyssey, one of the Charites (I don't list her because no one else seems to come up with her name). But this guy told a cool story, so why not keep it for posterity's sake? Aphrodite and the Charites were all having moments of extremely girly girl insecurity and arguing about who was the hottest of the hotties. This super wise dude named Teiresias (who really deserves to be on this site) was brought in to make the decision. Now, he'd already had some extensive experience (that involved him getting turned into a chick, check it out)with the fickle nature of the deities, but it's not like you can just say no thanks ... So he said Kale. Interesting choice, since any good self-preservation instincts would say pick the one with the most power, but maybe he'd heard about what Aphrodite gives as a reward (check it out) and didn't want Thebes going the way of Troy. Anyway, Aphrodite turned him into an old woman, but Kale gave him nice hair and a vacation to Crete. I'm with Mr. Bell (from whom I got this info since I'm not actually intimately familiar with the works of 12th century bishops) in that Kale's reward doesn't quite make up for Aphrodite's pissed off punishment, but I guess it's better than the destruction of one's country. Ahh ... the incredible destructive power of sexual women. Take note, dear reader, the root of this negativity is no coincidence!

The Keres
The Keres are also called the Dogs of Hades. They are associated with the Harpies and the Erinyes, and they are terrifying creatures. They are sharp clawed creatures who dress in red and drink the blood of their victims. They carry out the Fates' commands, insofar as they are in many ways the personification of the inevitability of death, and are often seen hovering around battle fields. They were daughters of Nyx, just like the Fates, and it can be a little unclear where their work ended and the work of the Erinnyes (see above) began.

A Goddess of Spinning.

A Goddess of Foothills.

A Goddess of Happiness and Amusement. More like the personification of it.

An epithet of Persephone. Kore means the Maiden or Daughter.

Her name means 'Mighty' and she was the mother of the monster Scylla by Phorcys. She was more commonly called Ceto, but sometimes she was called Hecate.

An epithet of Aphrodite, referring to her rising out of the sea from Cyprus. The whole Aphrodite cult CAME from Cyprus to Greece. She was HUGE there.n

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