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I'm not sure that she counts as a goddess. She was the first priestess of Demeter, the daughter of Echo and Pan. She was the first to find the lamenting goddess after Persephone's rape and abduction, and she managed to cheer her up. Iambe was full of life and friendly nature.

Iaso was a Goddess of Healing and the daughter of Asclepius. He had lots of children. She was a sister of Hygia (see above).

See Eileithyia.n

A daughter of Pallas and Styx, Invidia was another personification of envy.nIris, by Grimshaw

Iris is the Messenger Goddess.daughter of the Titan Thaumas and Electra. Although she was a sister of the winged monsters, the Harpies, Iris was represented as a beautiful maiden, with wings and robes of bright colors and a halo of light on her head, trailing across the sky with the rainbow she traveled on in her wake. She was also called the Goddess of the Rainbow.

Ooooh. So awesome. And yet, not Greek. Wait, what? I won't even put Diana on this site and I'm dropping Egyptian names? That's right, folks, because, unlike any of those Romans, Isis was actually worshipped in Ancient Greece. She makes a few cameos in the story of Iphis and Ianthe.There's no Greek letter 'J,' but sometimes the iota ('i') in combination with other vowels can make that sound. Like for Jocasta.Another quick note: the 'kappa' of ancient greek makes a hard 'k' sound, but was often Latinized to a 'c' which is how I spell it a lot. But not all the time. If they're not down here, check above and vice versa.

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