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She was really cool. She was the personification of Armistice and Truce. She was at all the Olympics to keep the peace.

According to P J Criss, it is 'the female personification of a Greek ritual object: a branch of olive wood, twined with wool and hung with fruits, which was carried in festivals by children with two living parents.'

Eileithyia was the Goddess of Childbirth She is most known from the birth story of Artemis and Apollo, for it was she who went to Leto on the tiny island of Delos. She was a scion of Hera's.

See Efreisone.n

A moon goddess.

A Goddess of Mercy and Pity and was worshipped only in Athens. Anyone who wanted to be Athens' ally had to approach her altar as a suppliant.nHope, by Edward Burne-Jones

Elpis was the personification of Hope and gets her only important role in the story of Pandora. She is always represented as fully clothed and often carrying flowers, as seen in this image by Edward Burne-Jones.n

A Goddess of Crossroads and Gates. Perhaps she was an epithet of Hecate? Or perhaps the goddess was merely assimilated into the Hecate's larger cult. Another perhaps: perhaps she merely disappeared because her cult was so small.

Enyo gets to be in The Iliad, the lucky hag. Enyo was the Goddess of War, she led the Trojans with Ares. Her companions were Pain, Famine, and Panic. Enyo is one of the Graiai (the Three Gray Sisters) Enyo is also the mother of Eris.

EosEos, by Evelyn de Morgan
I like Eos a lot because she has good intentions but if you read the Odyssey, every other phrase begins with 'The rosy fingered dawn,' she begins to get annoying. Eos is the Morning Star, otherwise known as Dawn. She marries a cute guy named Tithonus and gives him eternal life, but forgets to keep him forever young so eventually he shrivels up and becomes a cricket. She also was the mother of the winds with Astraeus and was, at one point, a lover of Ares. That had disasterous results when Aphrodite got jealous of their fling, and made Eos fall in love with lots of men who didn't love her back. She is the sister of Selene and Helios (the Sun).n

Epione was the goddess of soothing. In fact, that is just what her name means. She was the wife of the main healer dude, Asclepius, and the mother of Aceso, Aegle, Hygeia, Iaso, and Panaceia. She was worshipped, with the rest of her family, in Epidauros alongside Athena and Aphrodite.

Erida is Hate. In the Iliad she was sent by Zeus to the Achaians encampment. There she SCREAMS, when the men awoke they had forgotten their wives and children and were filled with Hate. She could only be appeased once blood was spilled. She was a sister and companion of Ares.

The ErinnyesFuries, by Suza Scalora
The Erinnyes (in English, the Furies) were some seriously fearsome creatures. They were conceived when Uranus' spilled blood hit Gaia's body, and were therefore older than any of the Olympian Gods. 'These Erinnyes are crones with snakes for hair, dogs' heads, coal-black bodies, bats' wings, and bloodshot eyes. In their hands they carry brass-studded scourges and their victims die in torment.' It isn't a great idea to mention their names in conversation, so instead you should call them the Eumenides, or the Kindly Ones. There are three:
  • Tisiphone, the Avenger
  • Megara, the Jealous
  • Alecto, the Unresting
Their purpose was to torment sinners, which they did on Earth as well is in Tartarus. The sight of one could cause insanity, and they often drove offenders to suicide. Originally they punished only offenders of patricide, matricide, or breakers of oaths, but after a while they punished any sins. They lived in Erebus (Darkness) but traveled the Earth constantly in search of transgressors. The Furies get special press in the play the Eumenides from the Oresteia of Aeschylus. Sadly, the thing ends with the loss of a lot of their power. During their day they received plenty of respect, and that included sacrifices of honey and water. Narcissus flowers and doves seem randomly sacred to them. If you like them, you should check out their buddies like the Keres, Dike, Eris, the Harpies, the Fates, Nemesis, and Poene.

Eris was the constant companion of Ares (the God of War). Eris was the Spirit of Discord as well as the Goddess of Strife. She was Night's daughter and the mother of Battle, Slaughter, Dispute, Lawlessness - I think you get the point. She is most known for throwing the Golden Apple of Discord, which, by the way, began the Trojan War through Aphrodite. Eris was sometimes said to be the twin of Ares.

Ersa was a daughter of Eos, the Dawn, and Zeus. She was the Goddess of Dew. Her so-called sisters were Pandia and Nemea, who are really her cousins (their mother was Selene, a sister of Eos. I don't really know that much about her though. I'm open to information.n

Described by Mr. Bell as an 'invented divinity' she was worshipped as the personification of glory in battle in a sanctuary in Athens (after their victory over the Spartans at Marathon). I think she's kind of bizarre given that she was pretty human and lived a pretty standard life and died a virgin. But she was certainly worshipped, as I said before, and even received sacrifices before people got hitched. Eucleia was also a surname of Artemis meaning, if you haven't figured it out yet, something along the lines of good glory.

See the Erinnyes.

Her name meant Good Order. She was one of the Horae, so you will have to check there to find out more.

A Goddess of Flour Mills. They used to put little images of her up to stand guard in the mills. From what, I'm not sure.(1)

EurynomeEurynome standing on Ophion creating the world
In Pelasgian myth, Eurynome was the Goddess of All Things, born from Chaos. To read this story, check it out in the Myth Pages. Eurynome's consort is Ophion in both Pelasgian and Classical mythology, but in Classical mythology, the Goddess is the daughter of Oceanus. Things actually progressed naturally. In the Titan cult (after Pelasgian, before Classical), in the beginning, Eurynome and Ophion ruled everything together from Mt. Olympus, but were supplanted by Cronus and Rhea. When the Hellenes came, Eurynome was merely an Oceanid. That's an overview of her. If you are interested in more, just write me and ask!

The Titaness mother of Helios (the Sun God).

The Greek personification and Goddess of Happiness. In Roman mythology her equivalent was Felicitas.n

A quick note: We transliterate the 'phi' of ancient greek to 'ph,' not 'f' - so the only ones you'll find with 'f' are translations.

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