Greek Goddesses - D
Every Greek Goddess You've Heard Of - And A Bunch You Haven't

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Possible epithet of Demeter. She was a Goddess of Growth in Nature. I don't know very much about her though.

Her name means "Tree Youth" and she was a Goddess of Trees.

A fertility goddess.

Despina was (supposedly) the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter. Her name means Mistress. "Despina" is also an epithet for multiple goddesses, like Demeter, Aphrodite, and Persephone.

I love this Goddess. I think she is too cool (except that Nemesis is cooler, but that's okay). Yes. Anyway, Dike was probably the daughter of Zeus and Themis (although parentage is always debatable). She may have started her career on Earth, but quickly moved up to sitting on the Right (Dike means Right) of Zeus as his number one counselor (sitting right across from her mom, Themis). She was the Goddess of Justice. (Don't you just love how many Justice and Vengeance Goddesses there were?) She was "the best of all the virgins" on Olympus, and I assume that includes Artemis and Athena, so that's saying something. Dike is also one of the Horae. We've had a bit of debate on this point. She actually had a daughter, Hesychia, who was the personification of tranquility, and an attendant of her very own: Poene. If you did good, she helped you out but punished those who were bad, for example, the goddess Adikia who she can be seen dragging around and beating with a staff or hammer.

Okay, I went a-researchin' in my friend's book of Greek Myths. It says that Dione was the daughter of Epimetheus, who was the son of the Titan Japet. She was one possibility as the mother of Aphrodite. She was believed by some to be an ancient Earth Goddess, or the Goddess of the Oak. In other cases it is said that she is the female version of Zeus. (I tend to hang more with the latter explanation.)


Doris was best known for being the mother of all of the Nereids. She was the daughter of Tethys and Oceanus, both Titans.

The personification of Lawlessness. She was a daughter of Eris.n

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